Monday, July 15, 2013

CREATING MANDALA; Part 6 -- Mandala is Completed

The mandala is now finished.

The design was completed using white colored pencil on black art paper.
    Everything is done in its own time.
     It should not be rushed.
   Because it is a representation of a specific purpose the design needs to come when there is a knowingness that you  are ready and an urge to work on it.       

As you work on it, again, 
you will have a feeling that the design is complete.
Then allow yourself to just "be" with it.  
Look at in from time to time ... first thing in the morning, 
and especially at night make it the last thing before you fall asleep.  By doing this, your unconscious is informing your subconscious what it needs to create not just the design but the colors 
and how to use them with the basic design.
Then you are ready to color it.
Let your unconscious which has been preparing for this, 
inform you through one of several intuitive ways --
 -- close your eyes and pick a colored pencil
 -- look over your colored pencil collection 
and let one of the colors jump out at you
 -- you just know which color to use 
without thought, rationalization or judgment.
Using the colored pencils, the design is not just colored 
but enhanced, expanding the design 
and adding another dimension to it.
And as with the design, 
you will know when the coloring process is complete. 
Now it's time to let it do its magic.  
Just the simple act of observing it .... 
the design, colors, any symbols that might be seen, 
an individual section or the piece as a whole.  
Each time you look at it, you can see new things, thoughts, ideas, 
a feeling will come to you, inform you, soothe you, inspire you, awaken you to whatever you need in the moment.  
Enjoy that moment.

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