Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Most Beautiful Mandala I Have Made So Far

Mandalas play a bigger and bigger role in my life as I prepare to facilitate workshops to show others how to create their own mandalas.

As a tribute to a dear friend who passed away, I created this mandala, representing their life on earth and presented it to their family as a gift of love and healing energy for them in their time of loss.  It's the only mandala I've made of somone not physically here on earth.   This person has changed my life in a way I never expected and I will always be grateful to them for touching my life in such a deep and profound way.

I would like to share their mandala here, which I believe to be the most beautiful mandala I have made so far.

This first photo is of the basic mandala design that emerged from a subconscious level.  The actual size is 12" x 12

The second picture is of the finished piece.  It's the colors that give it their magic healing quality.  After completing it, I would stare at it's beauty, amazed at this special human being's life.

Right around dusk, when the room starts to darken, there are areas of the design that seem to glow as if this person's energy was coming through.   After all, when someone leaves their physical body, they are still very much alive, especially in our hearts.